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Charlotte, NC

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Richard Bodenheimer
Buck Driggers


What we’ve done


In 1999 Teeter Engineering had their own in-house Exchange Email Server.  It was the only computer with an Internet connection. The Internet connect was a dial-up modem in the server that would connect once per hour to download Email.  It was with this state of the art technology that HattonTech began supporting this small team of engineers.

A lot has changed in the last 20 years.  Since the beginning of our relationship, we have been through 5 generations of servers, many PC replacements, and two moves to new locations.  In the early 2000’s Teeter Engineering’s building burned to the ground. One of the few things that survived was the fireproof safe with the backup tapes from the previous day’s backup.  We were able to recover File Servers and Exchange Servers with great success.

Today Teeter Engineering is leveraging cloud technology and the latest generation of Dell Precision Workstations to do what they do best, and HattonTech is still here making it all work together.