HALL | AEC PA is a multidisciplinary design and consulting firm.



501 N Church St
Charlotte, NC

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Dennis Hall


What we’ve done


HattonTech has provided a wide range of support for HALL | AEC since 1999.  We helped install their first Exchange Email server in the early 2000’s, and were still around when it came time to move those services to the cloud.  We have provided, installed and supported every server and firewall and workstation since the beginning of our working-relationship.

When you work with a customer for 20 years you develop a level of trust, like a partnership.  You become part of the team helping drive their business forward. When I recommend a Server or a Firewall, and tell the customer I expect it to last 5 years, and then I’m there to do that 4 more times, it means something substantial.  Dennis Hall is a great customer, but also someone I have watched and learned from over the years.